Our beginning is simple, born out of a curiosity to break things and see how they work inside.

Solving problems is like finishing a puzzle or a code

Like so many others who have ended up working in one of the many professions in the STEM fields, Founder & CEO Andy Burnside was curious as a child about discovery and how things worked. He had naturally pursued this trait to almost no end in figuring out how machines and eventually computers operated.

As an adult, working in information systems, engineering, and security he was able to apply this same curiosity and drive to solving complex business problems through the use of data and technology. Having consulted for over a dozen years in as many organizations in healthcare, finance, defense, manufacturing, academia, technology, retail, and publishing Andy has extensive experience designing, implementing, and supporting numerous systems across many industries.

Our team of security engineers hold certifications from ISC2, EC-Council, PCI, CompTIA, and many other industry organizations and regularly participate in continuing education, community events, and national and international conferences.