We provide precisely engineered, enterprise grade security for businesses of all sizes with fiercely competitive value.

Understanding your cyber risk.

The Elastic Enterprise Security approach begins by looking at your organization's cyber risk through a straightforward assessment of the fundamental information technology disciplines which provide the foundation of all successful cybersecurity programs. We then map these core areas to critical security controls, identify areas of risk, and engineer solutions to close those gaps.

We work with highly skilled and experienced security engineers as well as established security partners to build solutions for our customers that incorporate sophisticated, enterprise grade security without requiring the budget of a Fortune 100. We're able to do this through a combination of adapting core information security principles, leveraging enterprise open source technologies, utilizing agile methodologies, and relying on our decades of experience in vendor management.


The cornerstone to any successful cyber security program is understanding that your most critical asset is your human capital. Educating your end users, hiring competent and well trained technical staff and engaging the right third party resources are all necessary components in managing your organization's cyber risk.


Along with people, understanding that your business and technical processes play a pivotal role in identifying and reducing cyber risk is important for each organization. Developing well documented, repeatable processes will help produce valuable metrics and demonstrate the value of your cyber security program to senior leadership.


Perhaps unusual to think of as the final step in your cyber security program, these core technologies and security controls are an indispensable tenet of your overall security hygiene. As part of your layered defense in depth strategy, these technologies will help you prevent, detect and respond to cyber intrusions, fraud and crime.